Why do we need life and health insurance?

Why do we need life and health insurance?

Life Insurance

Why do we need life insurance in the first place? Changing times have led to a lot of changes in our day to day lives. Changing lifestyles have also brought in new requirements and necessities. Do you have anyone dependent on your income? What if your income comes to an end out of nowhere? Does your dependent have another source of survival? If something unfortunate happens to you in the near future, will your loved ones and family be able to manage everything financially without you? If your answer to any of these questions is a ‘NO,’ you need life insurance.

Life insurance protects you and your family and dependents financially if something happens in the future. I have heard numerous stories of people suffering due to situations without any safety. For example, one of my neighbors who were doing great financially lost her husband in an unfortunate incident. She and her 3 kids had to sell their house, move to a very small place in a poor neighborhood, give up most of the things to start a new living for themselves. I hope nobody gets into a situation like that, but protecting your family is always a good idea.

Life insurance protects your family financially and provides them with finances and an amount of money that would help them have a good life even if your income stops. Planning the future is always a good way to ensure a good living for you and your loved ones.

health insurance

Health Insurance

Also, I want to talk about health insurance. Have you been in a situation where you have been on a tight budget and suddenly you come in front of a huge expense? The absence of health insurance can lead to a similar situation. You could have a major sickness that might need you to take consultation, medicines, and doctor visits. It could be very expensive. Medical treatment can be one of the biggest expenses a family will face and it is crucial you have coverage.

Health Insurance is not as expensive as major surgery!

An unexpected situation such as an accident or an injury may require you to undergo a lot of treatments and sometimes major surgery. This would normally cause you to dig into, and possibly drain, retirement savings. Health insurance costs a monthly premium in exchange for protection against large expenses.

Life insurance



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