Your Agency Needs These Phone Features

phone features

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Having outdated phone technology can hurt your business. There are many simple and easy ways to make sure that you are not being held back by your phone system. Improve your efficiency with these useful phone features.


Whether you work for a large business, or just yourself, you can always use announcements (greetings) to handle your callers. Announcements are just a few sentences that will greet your callers and let them know that they are in the queue and you will be with them shortly. These are customizable and can share anything that you want to communicate to your clients. Additionally, it will keep your clients entertained for a few seconds instead of allowing them to listen to annoying ringing sounds.

Auto Attendant

You do not need a receptionist to make your business more professional. You can use an auto attendant. The attendant will perform a greeting then share prompts that will get your clients to the right place. They may press numbers on their phone or use vocal cues to be navigated to where they want to be. It takes away the need for a middle-man and keeps the client happy.

Multi-Device Support

As insurance agents, you are constantly moving around. Therefore, you need to be able to make phone calls outside of an office setting. Having multi-device support allows you to take calls using multiple devices but all with the same number. For example, your office phone and cell phone will receive the same calls. This means you’ll be available whenever you want, and you can maximize your business.


There is a wide variety of phone systems and their prices vary just as much. You want to make sure you are getting all the above features but at an affordable cost. The cost should typically run between $19-$50 monthly. A higher price usually means more features, but you can certainly find all the necessary features at a lower price. Look out for contracts, so you don’t get locked into anything you do not want.


As an insurance agent, you probably do not have an entire IT department at your disposal. This is why it is so important to get a phone system that is easy for you to use. If it is taking you more than 10 minutes to set up, you may want to shop around for something else. Plugging in, setting up greetings, call routing, voicemail, etc. should all be a piece of cake.


We hope this information on your insurance agency needs these phone features is helpful to you.

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