Aetna 2016 commission tiers will be assigned by mid-February

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We are in the final stages to ensure your 2016 commission tier is assigned accurately. Once final commission tier levels are assigned, you will be notified by email in mid-February.  

We apologize for the delay to some data updates in our book of business reports as we are working to verify the data we receive. We will notify you when all data will be available to view in early February. You can keep track of your individual plan book of business
on Producer World®.  We are also aware of some situations where the assigned broker is being detached from an application. Be assured we are working diligently to correct this by no later than the second week of February.

Our goal is to ensure the accuracy of your book of business and tiering level.  We will do a re-examination of the assigned tier levels on March 10 and make any necessary adjustments at that time. No further adjustments will be made after March 10.  No brokers will be lowered from their previously assigned tier level and brokers who have been promoted to a higher tier level will be notified in mid-March.
As previously communicated, your 2016 commission tier will be based on enrolled and paid new and renewing members that are assigned to you and in force January 1, 2016.  A minimum of 5 members in your book of business is required by January 1, 2016 sold effective dates to continue to sell new business in 2016. Brokers at the Chairman tier level of 20+ members, earn the highest commission for new business and renewals. At the Executive tier level of 5-19 members, you earn a competitive commission for new business and renewals.

We appreciate your business.

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Get answers fast with our Producer Guide on Producer World®.  If you have any questions, reach out to your broker sales representative or the Broker Support Unit at 1-888-54-AETNA (1-888-542-3862). Representatives are available Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CT.