3 Tips for Getting Active Again

Getting active again


After all the challenges of this past year–lockdowns, staying home, and avoiding crowds–it became difficult for many people to stay active. As things are beginning to normalize, some people are finding themselves starting to get active again after months of inactivity. Beginning again may leave you feeling discouraged as you begin to realize that you have lost some of your strength and endurance. Returning to your normal routine will be easier if you follow a gradual progression instead of trying to rush your body.

The Slow Return

When you are ready to start getting active again, taking things a little slower is essential. You should take into account how active you are now versus how active you were before. The desire to go all in and push your limits on the first workout back may be tempting but you will want to think first before doing that. By pushing too hard, you could risk injury and set yourself back even further. At the minimum, you may find yourself in a lot of pain in the days following. It’s important to have patience with your body and understand that it may be a few weeks or months to get back to your previous level. Allowing your body to gradually build strength again will decrease your risks of injury and help you in the long run.

Importance of Stretching

You will want to make sure you are including stretching in your regular routine. This will help to increase your mobility and make certain positions or movements more comfortable, making your workouts feel more fluid and manageable. It can be easy to skip stretching but when you commit to doing it regularly you will be helping your body in so many ways. Stretching helps to strengthen your joints and protects your muscle mobility as you age. By releasing tension and keeping your muscles limber, you will help protect yourself from injury and be able to perform better during exercise.

Resting Is A Must

Being sure to rest after a workout is just as important as stretching and doing the workout. Your muscles experience small tears when you exercise and they need sufficient time to repair and strengthen afterward. This time is also important in order to keep your muscles from becoming fatigued. Fatigued muscles cannot perform as well and therefore will slow down your fitness progress.



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