Agent Spotlight – Aisha Bujanda

The November agent spotlight shines on Aisha Bujanda.

Aisha Bujanda’s New Career

Starting a new career can be a challenging task. Aisha Bujanda welcomed the opportunity to do so last February when she decided to embark on an insurance career. As a full-time mother, law degree graduate, and experienced accountant, Aisha is no stranger to hard work. She put in time and effort to successfully learn the insurance business and now appreciates helping people in a new way.

Aisha enjoys assisting clients in finding the right coverage for them. She has quickly become familiar with selling individual family plans, life insurance, Medicare, ancillary, and health insurance plans. Her versatile skills have its advantages. When she visits people, she has plenty of talking points to share. “I can talk about many things. I have many options— which I like,” says the El Paso native.

Her upline introduced her to the Empower Brokerage El Paso & Las Cruces Regional Sales Director Hector Gomez. He strongly recommended Hector and told Aisha that the director would help her. “The truth of the matter is that he has [helped me]. He always answers my phone calls,” states Aisha. “I am very happy to be with Empower and to have met Hector because he always has time for me, and I really appreciate that.”

Partnering with Empower Brokerage has also given Aisha the correct knowledge and tools to succeed in the field. “If I am talking to somebody and they ask me a question, then I have [resources] on my phone, through Empower, that I can talk about that gets people engaged,” says Aisha.

When Aisha first started approaching clients, she initially found it was nerve-racking but soon realized that the worst that could happen was getting a response of no. She goes for it and is much more comfortable approaching people now. Her enthusiasm is encouraging, and she has found a simple conversation can open the door to reaching new customers. “I’m not trying to sell to people, but I do try to tell people what I do,” says Aisha. “I’m not just a housewife. I do this. I can help you with this or that.” After the person says they need insurance, the conversation will sometimes lead to an opportunity for her and the potential customer. Aisha explains that she tries to mention her occupation in normal conversation, yet she does not overdo it to avoid tiring out people. If she sees the person again, she will ask them their thoughts on what they discussed.

Aisha Bujanda and her family pose for photographs.

Aisha’s Background and Family Life

Aisha Bujanda was born in El Paso, Texas. She grew up there and in neighboring Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Early in her young life, Aisha’s father taught her accounting. For many years, she worked as an accountant in her father’s glass shop and for two additional businesses. Once she started a family, Aisha concentrated on being a dedicated mother. She remains a very active parent as she participates at her children’s schools and fills her schedule with basketball activities. In her spare time, Aisha treasures writing and creating artwork with stained glass. She also says her family is the inspiration for her insurance career. “I want them to know that their mother did this for them,” says Aisha. She also appreciates that her new career allows her to remain present in her children’s lives, including being there to pick them up after school. “[The schedule] is a huge benefit when you have kids growing up,” explains Aisha. “I believe this [career] is something I can do to help the family grow and give the kids more opportunities.”


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