Agent Spotlight – Kareem Sanders

Kareem Sanders is the subject of this month's agent spotlight.

In 2019, Nestle decided to eliminate the territory sales manager positions throughout their corporation. The move affected over 5,000 company representatives throughout the world. Kareem Sanders served the company for years but, like so many, suddenly found himself navigating unemployment. He sent applications everywhere but was overqualified for many jobs and subsequently removed from consideration. Then, a phone call from an insurance company changed his life. He began learning everything necessary to sell insurance, earned his license, and began his new career.

Over the last four-plus years, Kareem immersed himself in the insurance industry and has become quite successful. In 2023, an email about Empower Brokerage intrigued the young insurance agent. Empower Brokerage’s Mississippi Regional Sales Director Gus McCoy spoke with Kareem about all the tools and resources available when partnering with the field marketing organization. Initially, Kareem was hesitant and wanted to start with only a couple of carriers to see how the alliance with Empower Brokerage worked. He quickly realized how beneficial the partnership was to his business.

“Basically, everything I need is with Empower Brokerage,” explains Mr. Sanders. “I don’t have to worry about going here or there. All the carriers I am with are right under one roof.” Kareem also enjoys working with Empower’s team of mentors and experts who assist agents. He focuses on health, life, and Medicare products and appreciates the organization’s help in his sales efforts. The Mississippi native states how beneficial it is to have access to all kinds of product specialists, their knowledge, and extensive training. “I have never had access to this as a broker,” says Kareem. 

His Motivation, Hobbies and Advice

Kareem’s love for serving people is evident in his successful endeavors. He wants to ensure his clients understand the products and information he tells them about. He leaves nothing on the table and tells clients, “Let me know what I can help you with. I am here to serve you.” One of his main talking points includes informing clients about acquiring living benefits through a life insurance policy and how the benefits come in handy if unfortunate circumstances arise. Outside work, Kareem cherishes working in his community. Wherever he is, he desires to serve his fellow man including volunteering at various events. He further states that he is very motivated and likes to think positively. I am always looking to give people an opportunity,” says Kareem. “I love helping people and educating people, especially with insurance.” When customers come to him with questions, he provides an answer and gets them sources on the issue. If he does not know an answer, Kareem will research the topic to find clients the answers they need.

Mr. Sanders is also proud of his three children. He sees his work as a family legacy and looks forward to seeing them add to it when they become adults. Kareem is also a Girl Scout dad and helps manage the group. If his Girl Scouts need a driver for a trip or a parent present for a camping expedition, Kareem is happy to be there.

In his spare time, Mr. Sanders likes to travel, read books, and watch sports. Some of his favorite books feature financial advice and strategies, such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter, and Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. As a sports enthusiast, Kareem roots for the Ole Miss Rebels college football team, the NFL’s Carolina Panthers, and the NBA’s Houston Rockets.

Everyone embarking on a new career will find it challenging. It does not come easy. You must prioritize learning and growing. Kareem understands that and would advise new agents and those considering an insurance career not to give up when difficulties come. “Everyone who has been working in insurance for quite some time has been in your shoes,” says Kareem. “If you partner with Empower Brokerage, utilize every resource and all the help you can get because the support system is phenomenal.” He further explains as a new or experienced agent, you don’t have to feel hopeless nor are you in the situation alone. If you need assistance, you can contact Empower Brokerage to help.


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