Agent Spotlight – Laressia Cheevers Barlow

Laressia Cheevers Barlow is the focus of our agent spotlight.

Laressia Cheevers Barlow

Agent Spotlight – Laressia Cheevers Barlow

This week our agent spotlight shines on Laressia Cheevers Barlow. The Georgia native strives to get her customers the best possible insurance coverage. Her 16-plus years of experience have allowed her to improve lives with Medicare, Health Insurance Marketplace, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplement products.

In 2019, Laressia joined the Empower Brokerage team. She credits the organization’s team spirit and robust agent support system for convincing her to sign on with the field marketing organization.

Laressia’s business resides in Albany, Georgia, and she values her community, especially the care of the elderly. She does not like to see people taking advantage of others. Laressia is personally and professionally inspired to ensure that does not happen with those in her community.

“I see our elderly community needing help. That is what motivates me,” said Laressia. “Most of our elderly community cannot read. They don’t understand what (insurance coverage) is out there and that they are eligible (to receive the insurance).”

Every field of work has its challenges. Laressia understands that some individuals mistrust insurance agents. She explains that the elderly have been misled and mistreated for a long time. They are fearful of trusting newcomers and inviting them into their lives.

 How does she overcome this challenge? “I put myself in their shoes,” said Laressia. “I empathize with them.” Her honesty and sincerity with her clients provide an avenue to find their needs and wants.

Laressia would advise other agents in similar situations to be patient with clients. She emphasizes always doing right by them one hundred percent of the time.

Laressia Cheevers Barlow takes photographs with family.

Laressia Cheevers Barlow

Laressia Cheevers Barlow enjoys hobbies with family.

Laressia Cheevers Barlow

Laressia’s life outside work

When she is not solidifying insurance coverage for those in her city, Laressia enjoys spending quality time with her husband and grandchildren. She likes to stay active as well by walking and exercising. Additionally, her close family bonds positively impact her work. “The love I have for them motivates me to go outside my comfort zone and push myself to be the best I can be,” says Laressia.  Her successful career efforts have paid off. Laressia is pleased that she gets to help people and has earned rewards in the three years she has worked with Empower Brokerage. Laressia has attended the company’s invitation-only trip to Cabo San Lucas on multiple occasions.


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