Agent Spotlight – Monte Strawder

Monte Strawder poses for a photograph.

Agent Spotlight – Monte Strawder

Monte Strawder began selling life insurance 20 years ago while working full-time at other jobs. In 2019, after eight years of working at a brewery, Monte decided to take the leap and begin selling insurance full-time and partner with Empower Brokerage. The independent field agent explains that walking away from his well-paying brewery job was challenging. He quickly found success helping people with their insurance needs and replaced his previous income in his first year working full-time in the insurance industry. Monte likes helping people and saw the new business venture as an opportunity to assist others in a much-needed way.

Mr. Strawder’s former co-worker told him about Empower Brokerage’s unmatched free leads program, tools, and resources that could establish him in the insurance world. Monte was unsure at first. “[The tools] are awesome. [It is] almost one of those things where it is too good to be true,” says Monte. “When I first heard about [the leads program], I was thinking, ‘No, you got to be kidding me.’” Monte says that the background where he came from required a worker to pay for leads. He believes that Empower Brokerage’s support system helps agents get where they need to go to thrive and help the customers. His new career has allowed him more freedom with a flexible schedule that gives him more time with family and travel experiences. He also helps and meets different people on his own terms.

The Georgia native lives in Leesburg, Georgia, and offers his community Medicare, ACA, and life insurance products. Additionally, he is licensed to sell in multiple states, including Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Texas, to name a few. Being able to make an impact on a person’s life brings joy to Monte. He likes helping clients acquire missing benefits and wants them to feel good about their insurance coverage.

Monte Strawder and family pose for photographs.

Monte’s Hobbies and Advice

Monte loves to spend time with family and travel. Recently, he was able to take a 14-day trip to Israel. He is also a self-described sports fanatic and follows the Florida State football team.

He would advise others who want a career change to join the insurance world. He says that there are a lot of people who want to change careers, but they are afraid to do so. Monte says you can’t be scared to try something new. “Take a leap and make it happen. The system that you all offer is a phenomenal system. Unheard of— it is almost too good to be true,” says Monte. “Empower makes it a lot easier. It is a proven system. You have to believe in it. Follow it. Be coachable and go for what you want.”


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