Agent Spotlight – Pablo Vera

Pablo Vera’s Career

When young people graduate from universities, there is much hope on the horizon. The career choice opportunities seem endless. In 2020, for recent Texas A&M University graduate Pablo Vera, an opportunity came when a family friend contacted him to suggest building a career in the insurance industry. After acquiring an insurance license, Pablo would start as a field agent at the friend’s fledgling agency in Houston.

Fast forward a couple of years later, and Pablo found himself with insurance sales experience and returning to the Rio Grande Valley, the region where he was born and raised, and looking for a new job. Having previously worked in a call center setting, a friend recommended Empower Brokerage to Pablo. He was impressed with the extensive training the organization offered him and was pleased to have the option of reaching out to insurance experts for assistance. “I love [the training],” says the Valley native. “It is definitely something that I take advantage of. I’ve personally grown a lot from my time before Empower and up to now. It’s all due to the training and tools that Empower provides.” Among those additional skills he has picked up along the way with Empower Brokerage include becoming well acquainted with selling Medicare and ACA products. His minor in economics also benefits him in the workplace. When explaining life insurance to clients, Pablo can confidently discuss returns on investment and other analytical factors to assist customers.

Now that he is a call center agent, Pablo’s work rarely involves in-person meetings with clients as he did as a field agent. Yet, he is able to approach clients in a similar manner. “I don’t know what kind of day they have had or how many people they have talked to before me,” says the call center agent. “My approach is to be as nice and polite as possible.” Additionally, he tries to empathize by seeing himself in the client’s situation. He wants them to know that he cares, and his job allows him to help others. That is why he is speaking with them.

Driven to see more people get reasonable healthcare, Pablo sees his job positively impacting those in his life and his community outside the workplace. In everyday conversations, Pablo will notice how individuals, unaware of his job, talk about problems with their healthcare coverage and confusing situations and relay their questions. He will often share his knowledge and assist them in solving their problems. The difference he makes is rewarding. “It makes me feel like I’m doing more and helping more people than just in my eight hours a day. So, it goes beyond just clocking in and out,” explains Mr. Vera. He mentions how satisfying it is to hear people appreciate him helping their parents, sons, and daughters by finding them affordable insurance. “That feels really good to know that you are doing the right thing for people,” states Pablo.

Pablo’s Hobbies and Advice

In his spare time, Pablo Vera enjoys multiple hobbies and especially loves gardening. Even though he does not have an outside garden of his own, Pablo cherishes cultivating plant life. He also likes playing video games and board games, watching his favorite television show, and spending time with his cat, Moon, and dog, Daydream.

The fourth-year insurance salesperson has helpful advice for those considering an insurance career. “Don’t give up,” says Pablo. He further explains how the abundance of information might seem overwhelming for a beginner, but partnering with Empower Brokerage will allow you to grow in your new role as an advocate for people. He believes the organization’s guidance is invaluable. “They will never let you do something on your own that you are not comfortable with,” claims Mr. Vera. “Remember why you are here or why you are in the industry, and try to lead with kindness.”


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