Best Approaches to Work Leads

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Businesses generate leads in different ways. At Empower Brokerage, we offer our agents high-quality leads for free. Once you have them, what is the best approach to working leads? Here are a few helpful tips to help you complete a sales phone call.

Call Leads ASAP

When you receive leads, it is best practice to call them as soon as you receive them. Someone acquired those leads because potential clients showed interest and submitted their information to the company. Calling them right away increases the chance of completing a sale. The longer you wait to call a lead, the more likely they will decide not to pursue your services, forget the form they filled out, or contact your competitors. It remains vital to remember that there are some government restrictions. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) prohibits calls to consumers outside the 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. time frame. Remember to check the time zone of the lead. You must call within the recipient’s approved time frame to avoid violating the TCPA rules.

Speak Effectively to Leads

Speak politely, calmly, and clearly so the recipients can determine who is calling and if they are interested in your services. After introducing yourself, ask if they have a few moments to speak with you. Remember to pause where appropriate. Give the lead a moment to respond to your greeting or questions. Talking too fast can also be detrimental. The lead might wonder about the legitimacy of someone speaking with a rushed tone.

Leave a Voicemail Message

In today’s world, fewer people answer phone calls, especially from unknown phone numbers. If you find a potential customer does not answer your call but lets you leave a voicemail message, take the opportunity to do so. Remember to clearly say your name, contact information, and the customer interaction that caused the call. Be prepared to give a brief pitch over the phone. You may also invite them to call or email you for further information. Remember to offer them a quote for when they call back.

Avoid the Scam/Spam Label

Many cell phone carriers are offering a scam filter to their customers. When an inbound call comes to the customer’s phone, it will be labeled scam or spam based on data the cell phone carrier has on the phone number. The cellphone carrier determines a phone number is likely a scam or spam based on the phone number’s history, consumer feedback, complaints, and reputational analytics.

How can you ensure your phone number does not acquire the scam label? You can use a call branding service such as RingCentral that “offers the Caller ID Name feature, where the company name along with the company number can be displayed on the customer’s device.” Another option is to register your phone number with a reputable caller ID reputation registry like Free Caller Registry. Furthermore, it would be wise to ask your customers to add your name and phone number to their cell phone contacts list.

RingCentral also offers the following advice:

  • Call responsibly. Do not call the same lead 10 times a day.
  • Do not hang up on people if you are running a dialer. Maintain a drop rate of less than 3%.
  • Make sure people can reach you if they call back.
  • Ensure you are not making outbound marketing calls to numbers on the federal government’s Do Not Call Registry.
  • Mix up geographical areas – spread calls over as many receiving carriers and call-blocking systems as possible.
  • Rotate caller IDs for outbound skills every month, week, or day as needed.
  • Local presence – obtain a local number for every region, state, or area code you call.

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We hope that this information on approaching leads is useful to you.

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