Amazon’s new home drone

Amazon's new home drone

Amazon’s new home drone revealed Thursday is the latest security innovation in Amazon’s Ring line of products. The Ring Always Home Cam will fly around and record video at your home for up to five minutes at a time.

Amazon describes the flying camera as “an autonomous indoor camera that enables users to see multiple viewpoints throughout their home with one device.” The Ring Always home cam will fly a predetermined pattern, depending on what the floorplan of your home looks like. It will fly up to 5 minutes at a time, and return back to its home base to charge.

Amazon also has a Ring Doorbell, which allows homeowners to see who rings the bell at their doorstep with a camera installed on the bell. Users can view the camera through an app or online, getting notifications when there is activity at their front door.

Of course, with this kind of technology, privacy is going to be the number one concern. Do people really want their interactions in their own homes being recorded at any given time by a giant tech company with all the power that Amazon has?

Amazon has had their fair share of privacy breaches, most notably when it was discovered that humans were listening to people’s Alexa conversations in their homes. The Ring Doorbell also had a data breach, when Ring user accounts were leaked allowing hackers to have video feed access of the leaked accounts.

All of these are incidents where privacy was compromised, have given consumers some pause on whether or not they want this product to be in their homes.

The Ring Always Home Cam is not yet available for consumers, as the FCC has to approve its commercial use. Due to this, it’s not expected to be available to purchase before next year. No price point has been established for the camera as of yet.

While this seems like a tech innovation that can certainly be used for good, Amazon will have to assure the public that their security measures are top-notch in order to avoid another data leak.

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