Building Your Book of Business Outside of AEP

You should be building your book of business all year round, not just when AEP is creeping up. Putting yourself in front of potential clients is step one. Building trust and confidence is step two. Recognizing needs and having the right products to fit those needs is the next step of the enrollment process, and maintaining these relationships is how the most successful agents build their book of business.


Growing your book of business is all about uncovering new leads. Getting out there and getting involved in your community presents opportunity to build new relationships. These relationships could become potential clients. Your hobbies, whether it be golf or crafting, can be a gateway to meeting new clients. A mistake some agents make is coming on too strong too soon. Being all business discounts your credibility. Start by building genuine relationships first, and eventually you’ll have people asking for your contact information. People are more likely to trust someone they know than an agent that walks in off the street.

Engaged customers are more likely to be satisfied with their plan, and therefore, you are more likely to retain them as a client. Make sure your existing clients are aware of the benefits offered through their plan. Encourage them to take advantage of the value added services, such as silver sneakers, after they have enrolled in the plan. Getting involved in these programs lets the customer experience more value, and a higher satisfaction level. Follow up with your clients to make sure they are getting the most out of their health plan. Taking care of your clients on a regular basis builds your credibility, and leads to referrals.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Once you have potential clients from networking, the last thing you want is to miss an opportunity because you can’t offer a product they need. Many agents stick to selling only one or two types of insurance. While Medicare and Med Supp are products you know seniors will be interested in, many might also need products such as final expense and long-term care insurance. Many customers would prefer to go to someone they already know and trust for their insurance needs. Limiting yourself to only medicare products forces them to seek out another agent for other needs, or worse, not handle those needs. Building your book of business is not only about building your client base, but also your product knowledge. The more knowledgeable you are about different types of products offered, the more opportunities you have to cross sell and get referrals. Also, go into each appointment with an open mind. If you walk in with the mindset that the client needs to purchase a med supp, chances are that is all you’re going to sell them. Learn to ask the right questions to unearth what each client needs.

Special Enrollment Periods

While med supp and life insurance can be sold year round, if your primary focus is Medicare you know AEP as the busiest time of the year. You can spread your medicare sales over the year by looking for the right clients. There are situations where individuals can qualify to enroll in a Medicare plan outside of AEP. Some situations include turning 65, moving to a new location, living under a certain income level, losing plan coverage, or qualifying for a special needs plan. Host informational seminars for people who are turning 65 who may not know their options. As you build your relationships, keep a lookout for clients that may qualify for an SEP.

To Add More Carriers to Your Portfolio


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