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Below is a list of lifelines for conducting C-HS business:



Fax Cover

Scope of Appointment (SOA)

Ancillary Benefits FAQ’s:

Delta Dental

User Guides:

2016_eAgent Tool


2016 Formulary for Preferred Plan

2016 TotalCare Formulary

Important Resources:

2016 Provider and Pharmacy Directory

2016_SOAScenarios Tool

Georgia 2016 Provider Directory

2016 Preferred Sales Book

Atlanta 2016 Sales Book Spanish

2016 GA Medicare Advantage Guide

Star Ratings:

GA Star Rating-Spanish

GA Star Rating

Cheat Sheets:

2016_Timeliness Tool 

2016_LIS Tool 



2016_SOAScenarios Tool

2016_ViolationPrevention Tool


2016 GA Medicare SOB _HMO SNP

2016 GA Medicare SOB_HMO

ASC Centers

Delta Dental $29.40

2016 Delta Dental $6.10

GA – Preventive Plus Plan

Map_2016_MA Counties GA

2016 PAR Hospitals

TotalCare DSNP


Important Information:

(HAAL): 866.442.7516

TeleScope: 866.398.6055

Customer Service: 800.668.3819

Commissions Email Address

Contracting Department Email


Avoiding RFI’s:

Make your application stick and GET PAID (avoiding an RFI (Request For Information) and rejected app):

Plan Choice: Please select (X) the appropriate Plan the Beneficiary is electing.  Even though the application is embedded in the Kit, the Plan election still must be selected.

Invalid Medicare Number:  Ensure you’ve transcribed the correct number and / or call out

Agent Support Line (HAAL) with the customer to verify the number is the card is not available or unreadable.

Missing Pages in Fax Transmittal: Refax the application immediately if there was or you suspect an error.

Physical Address:  Avoid using P.O. Box address! C-HS verifies physical address through and if address is not deliverable, application will go to RFI status.  CMS will require “proof of physical address”.  Acceptable documents to be used as proof are:  driver’s license; voter’s registration card; property tax statement; or utility bill (utility bill is usually the easiest).  The “service address” address on a utility bill should match the physical address included on the application.  As a best practice (to save time and ensure timely processing) please include documentation along with your application submission.


ATTENTION!  ACTION NEEDED!  New STARS Sheets have been released. Immediately, please print and replace embedded STARS sheet (in Sales Kit / Booklet) with the new 2016 sheet

NEW! Updated Provider, DELTA Dental & Vision Directory attached!

Search / Filter by:  Name, County, Specialty, Contract Type, etc.   NEW! Medicaid Enrollments:  For GA TotalCare enrollees, please ensure you capture the 9 digit Medicaid Number on the application AND complete and submit the Medicaid Status Verification Form. Need Assistance?

Reminder! All applications must be received by C-HS within 48 hours of Agents signature date.

Reminder!  An inaccurate Scope is a non-compliant Scope.  Please make sure you complete all required fields appropriately; including the explanation for “Scopes executed the same day as the appointment”. Also, Initial the boxes for Products to be presented; do not put an X.

Reminder!  Log-In to your eAgent Account to track your application submissions

Reminder! Cigna’s DMO Plan is a maintenance plan. The plan uses Delta Dental PPO providers and all treatment must occur within the Delta Dental PPO provider network.

Need Supplies? Order and receive next day (Custom Point) Log into Custom Point Enter your User ID, which is your Agent Number, Writing Number, or Agency ID and enter Health1! as your password and Hspring into the account field.