Customer Follow-up Plan

Customer Follow-up Plan

Senior Product Specialist & Compliance Officer, Sherri Miller, gives an overview of the Retention 10-30-60-90 Customer Follow-up Plan

It is easy to make a sale, and then move on immediately to the next one. While we hope you are having success makingĀ sales, we also encourage you to keep track of each sale as you make it. Taking the time to record who you sold to, and when, can be helpful down the road. The plan Sherri Miller outlines in the above video depends on this practice. In addition to taking down the date and the customer’s name, make notes of the conversation you had as well. Taking a minute to do this will help you greatly in the long run, and you are setting yourself up for even more success.

The key to good relationships with clients is communication. Staying in communication with your clients, by checking in with them, and speaking with them not only about business, but also about their personal lives. This shows that you care about them. Specifically with sales, customer follow-up is extremely important. Following up with your clients sets you apart from the competition, and helps you to generate more business from your existing customers. Showing you care about them and their loved ones is important to them and to your business. Customers want to know they can trust you, and that they are not just another sale. Checking in also shows that you are thoughtful about the care they are receiving.Ā The 10-30-60-90 Customer Follow-up Plan will help you grow your business, as well as strengthen relationships with existing clients.Ā This Plan outlines exactly what you need to do to be successful during interactions with your clients.

Watch the video above to learn how you can retain your current business, as well as expand your reach to more potential clients.

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