Entering the Insurance World During COVID-19

It might feel as if being new in the insurance world, during a worldwide pandemic, is not the best of times to start a change of career.

It might feel as if being new in the insurance world, during a worldwide pandemic, is not the best of times to start a change of career. In the insurance world, on the contrary, there is not a better time! There has been a pushforward, thanks to COVID, that has positively affected the business which gives those just getting their feet wet an advantage over others struggling to understand how to use new resources, discuss opportunities with clients, as well as in general navigating as an agent in the new world we live in.

Tools & Tech

The first thing to know is what new resources are companies providing in the insurance world. Whether it is online resources, the ability to do E-apps, online training, or even electronic submissions, understanding how to use these tools is important to be able to best help find solutions. Since most carriers offer different tools, we are constantly updating each carrier page with the newest tools available for said carriers here at Empower Brokerage, instead of linking you to each carrier’s website.

Know Your Clients Potential Enrollment Periods

Since the beginning of COVID, there have been multiple SEP’s for agents to help provide service to their clients. An SEP, for those who do not know, is a Special Enrollment Period, which provides a time outside of the AEP to sign clients up due to life changes. There has been a current SEP for COVID-19 and it would be a surprise that another one pops up in the upcoming months. Keep an eye out for these times, which allow you as an agent to sign up clients who need help during the pandemic.

What to Know When setting F2F Appointments

Finally, when it comes to understanding how to best serve your clients it is important to know how to meet them where they are at. Some are more conservative in their approach to COVID, some are more willing to meet face to face. With these opposite stances, it is important to be able to know how you should interact with each client. The best way to do this is by using a FACT FINDER. This tool will not only be able to help you navigate these areas with your clients but also help you seamlessly figure out which products can best serve their needs. You will want to contact John Shinn (817) 410-5818 or visit our training section to see what it is all about to access this key tool.

Are you ready to step into the insurance world, during a worldwide pandemic? Empower is here to help!

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