Fanatical Prospecting for a Successful AEP

Fanatical prospecting means knowing to interrupt often and make appointments.

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In his book “Fanatical Prospecting,” Jeb Blount puts forth a compelling argument for the importance of proactive outreach in business. Many of the aspects discussed in the book are a deeper insight into the life of a salesperson, and with the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) drawing near, insurance agents face the urgency of ramping up their client outreach. We think of a fanatic as a crazed person without a t-shirt covered in body paint cheering on the Dallas Cowboys as they are down by one point in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. This image implies the soul of the fanatic prospector looking for his next sale. In this article, we will review the golden principles of “Fanatical Prospecting” tailored for our agents in preparation for the best AEP yet.

Basics of Fanatical Prospecting

Blount’s central philosophy revolves around the steadfast belief that consistent prospecting is the heartbeat of sales success. One principle, the “30-Day Rule,” posits that the efforts you invest in prospecting today will manifest in tangible business outcomes 90 days later. For us, as agents, this rule signifies the urgent need to prospect now to ensure a flourishing AEP. We must spend our days dialing, emailing, and following up with all our prospects to ensure we keep a full schedule during AEP. A daily regimen of client outreach can yield exponential dividends. Statistics show that agents who consistently engage in prospecting enjoy a remarkable increase in appointment rates. If you haven’t already begun to do so, start smiling and dialing. Your bank account will show your efforts soon enough. 

Tapping Into Your Existing Client Base

It’s invariably more feasible to keep a current client than to onboard a new one. Some data shows that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. Yikes! As AEP nears, it’s prime time to update clients about policy shifts, new plans, and other pertinent details. This approach is a perfect time to update their client file about changes they have experienced. Maybe there is a new carrier in the area with lower rates, or clients have changed some medications and must find a better-suited plan. Perhaps their wife is turning 65, finally retiring, and needs to review her coverage now. The key is tactful communication. Instead of hard-selling, position your conversation as a caring check-in or a policy update. Clients will appreciate the proactive approach, especially if you frame it as beneficial.

Using Technology to Your Advantage

Tools like CRM systems, automated reminders, and email campaigns have become indispensable in our digital age. We have myriad tools available here at Empower Brokerage to aid us in our efforts. Prospecting isn’t just about calls; a multi-channel approach that leverages emails, social media, and other platforms can significantly amplify outreach. Companies with consistent social selling channels and processes are more likely to hit their sales goals than people who only rely on phone calls and voicemails. Numerous tools can aid you in streamlining this process, ensuring no potential client falls through the cracks. When considering the technology needed to succeed, at Empower Brokerage, we offer all sorts of tools and webinars to help guide you every step of the way.

The Calendar Challenge

Set a goal: By the time October dawns, let your calendar be brimming with appointments. If you have missed a few days, keep making those calls, sending emails, and exerting the effort to make more meetings. Instead of a direct sales pitch, center the conversation around AEP readiness, emphasizing the advantages clients stand to gain. This shift in perspective can make all the difference. Once you have filled your calendar to the brim, ensure you stay on top of it. An organized calendar not only aids in managing client meetings but also serves as a tangible metric of your prospecting success. Plus, the clarity and order that come with advanced planning confer a deep sense of accomplishment and peace. Everyone loves a calendar full of appointments and busy days of selling year-round, especially during AEP.

Final Thoughts

As Jeb Blount ardently professes, fanatical prospecting is the linchpin of sales success. As AEP beckons, let this be the clarion call for all insurance agents. Commit to reaching out, engage with every client, and watch as your calendar fills up, signifying a period of unmatched success. We are here as trusted advisors to our clients and their first source of help in a world that gets crazier every day. We are a beacon of knowledge for our clients, and our role is to help them in every way we can. In everything we can- as often as we can. Because without a buyer, there would be no seller. And without the people to fill it, we would have no book of business.


We hope this article on fanatical prospecting is helpful to you. If you want to learn some more useful sales tips, check our article here.

The thoughts reflected in this article come from “Fanatical Prospecting: The Ultimate Guide to Opening Sales” by Jeb Blount. 

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