Agent Spotlight – Erica Vitor

Erica Vitor came to the United States specializing in international contract work with airshows, but personal life circumstances caused her to face a career change. She wondered where she could go for work, and after some research, she found a job opportunity in the insurance industry. Erica’s confidence in herself helped propel her new career. “I thought, ‘everything I start turns out good,’” recalls Erica. “I just need to learn about [insurance], and it could be great.” Six years into her new venture, it has turned out great for her, particularly after choosing to work with Empower Brokerage.

Over three years ago, a friend recommended the field marketing organization to Erica. When she partnered with Empower Brokerage, Erica immediately saw how much smoother processes run at the organization compared to others. She also found that professional assistance from insurance industry experts was merely a phone call away. Erica says she enjoys studying and learning new skills or information and appreciates the availability of Empower Brokerage specialists whenever she has questions about products.

The Brazilian native especially treasures helping clients. As she began her new career, she witnessed many in her community who could use her help when selecting insurance coverage. Erica started utilizing social media with videos and advertising on Facebook, and her strategy generated many clients for her business. She acquired even more clients through referrals, just like a seasoned professional. Soon, many more people in the community knew her. Erica developed trust with people, and even the Brazilian embassy recruited her to host seminars. Today, Erica continues to advertise with videos and is pleased to help English, Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking clients with their insurance needs. Erica’s confidence and knowledge about insurance products have boosted her business with clients seeking her assistance. The former flight attendant would advise other agents to learn the most about their occupation because they will become more confident in what they do, the products, and marketing. She further explains having that attitude will make an impression on people, and they will want to be around you and trust you, then you can help them.

Erica Vitor is photographed flying and spending time with her daughter.

Family and Hobbies

Away from work, she cherishes time with her daughter and enjoys staying active. Erica is self-motivated and self-driven. Her successful career is evidence of those characteristics, and her extracurricular activities are a testament to her. For instance, Erica played skillfully as a professional handball player in Brazil several years ago. Currently, she participates in yoga exercises and functional training. Another intriguing hobby of Erica’s involves flying in the open sky. Although she has yet to earn her license, Erica does know how to fly different planes, trained with the Cessna aircraft, and always goes up with a licensed pilot instructor. “I love to fly because of the adrenaline, and [flying] facilitates going places.”


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