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We have all run into salespeople. Whether it is your local AT&T person at Target or someone giving you a phone call asking if you are interested in a new vehicle, what separates a good salesperson from a poor salesperson? I find a good salesperson to be very friendly, knowledgeable of their product, and can close a sale. Do you possess these traits? Read on for some sales tips for agents.

Be Friendly

Did you know it is easier to make a sale to a friend? If you think about it, clients are more likely to purchase from someone they know and trust. If you can present yourself in a friendly way, you can increase your chances of a sale. Ask generic and friendly questions to get to know your client. Ask questions such as, “How is your family doing? How was your vacation? How are your pets doing?” Building trust and relationships goes a long way with your clients. It is also easier to convince them to choose new or different plans when they trust you. Remember that just because your client trusts you does not mean you can violate that trust and begin to upsell for your gain. When offering new plans to your client, ask yourself if it will benefit your client and if it is truly necessary. There is no issue with suggesting or offering new plans (not everyone wants barebones coverage), but consider your client’s needs above all else. Asking your clients questions about their needs is part of the process, so try to make friends as you learn what they need.

Be Knowledgeable

One of the fastest ways to lose a sale is not knowing what you are selling. If your sales are struggling, look at your recent interactions and see what went wrong. Did you have to keep pausing to look up an answer to a question? Did you go through the process and find out your client does not qualify for specific plans? These are all things to consider when trying to sell. Clients hate nothing more than wasting their time. If you do not meet their needs, your clients may decide to take their business elsewhere. Make sure you brush up on current events regarding your products. Taking time to ensure you are knowledgeable about products helps you in other ways. As you grow in your career, you will get more acquainted with sales and learn different tips to help you down the line. Just because you do not know something today does not mean you will never know it!

In Closing

How do you close a sale? I have found that closing could be as simple as saying, “Do you want me to go ahead and get this started for you?”. This approach suggests that your client does not have to do anything (convenience is vital to sales!). You are essentially taking the reins of the sale. You are not leaving it up to the client to decline and are steering the conversation towards a conversion. Speak to your peers to see what they do and see if you can adopt it. There is no need to steal what they do exactly, but see if you can adapt it. Try a few things out, and see what works best for you and what feels more comfortable. What works for others may not feel right for you. Everyone sells differently and has different styles. Do what feels right to you and is best for the client.

Following these steps can help increase your client base and put more cash in your pocket. Remember, the key to good business is to keep your clients happy. It also helps to provide great customer service. The best way to present yourself is to be happy, helpful, and knowledgeable. Also, make sure you follow all selling regulations and guidelines. Making a sale is great, but staying out of trouble and with your license intact is better. Do your best to push yourself to do better every day. Before long, you will be outselling yourself.

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