4 Simple Practices to Increase Referrals

Referrals are some of the best leads you, as an agent, can acquire because they come from satisfied customers. Therefore, agents need to methodize the process of asking for referrals. Ultimately, referrals stem from good customer service and simple marketing techniques, and sometimes they can be generated by merely asking clients. Check out the video and post below to learn simple techniques to increase referrals!


Mention Referrals During Consultations

If an agent is afraid to ask for a referral, they must incorporate it at the beginning of their consultation with a client to let them know what will be covered. If you standardize the referral process, then it will eventually become a natural talking point within your presentation. After you conduct the needs analysis and review their plan, you’ll then want to ask for referrals, especially if they purchased a policy from you.

Again, it’s a good idea to preface the referrals at the beginning so your client expects it. Then at the end, you can ask them if they enjoyed your services. If so, let them know that referrals are the best form of flattery, and you would appreciate it if they mentioned your services to friends and family.

To ensure clients will refer you to others, give them your business card and ask that they have your information filed away on their contact list in their phone. You can request them to add you to their contact list during your initial conversation or include a call to action in our welcome kit email. You may say, “Enter this number in your phone contact list so that you can easily reach me in case you have any questions.” Not only should you do this because it is good customer service, but you should also do it to increase referrals. The next time your client knows someone who needs insurance, they can give them your number.

Include a Section on Referrals in Your Welcome Kits

Do your welcome kits mention referrals? No? Well, they should. Within your welcome kits, you should mention your full product line-up, contact information, and perhaps a referral reward program.

Ideally, your clients would give your information to their friends and family whom are looking for insurance, but sometimes, you need to incentivize them to refer your business. Small incentives can go a long way. For example, you can reward your clients’ referrals with gift cards, gift baskets, tickets to an event, etc.

Explain Your Product Portfolio to Elicit Referrals

Explaining the rest of your product portfolio is another great way to easily transition into discussing referrals. If you just helped a senior client purchase a final expense policy, ask them if they have friends or family who could benefit from a similar product. If you believe your insurance products are paramount for your clients, wouldn’t the same hold true for their friends and family? Perhaps they have sons or daughters under 65 who need life insurance. So, be on the lookout around the house for pictures that may be of children or grandchildren. Then, be bold and inform them that, as a broker, you also represent healthcare plans. It’s as easy as asking, “Would you like me to reach out to one of your sons or daughters, who may have questions about enrolling in an ACA plan?”

Ask for Referrals When Delivering a Policy

Asking for referrals when you deliver your client’s policy is another opportune time. If a client has purchased something from you and the process has been finalized, ask them if they enjoyed your services. Were they satisfied with the process? If they’re a satisfied customer, you should have no difficulty asking them to refer your services to others. Let them know that you can help others like themselves make a wise choice about their insurance needs.


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This article was updated on 2/16/24.