Follow-Up Calls and Why They Matter, Part 1

For every customer who complains, there are probably 20 or more customers who don’t share their dissatisfaction. Dissatisfied clients are closely related to confused clients. More likely than not, a client won’t be satisfied with their plan if they don’t understand how it works. And because insurance is already so confusing, clients may not even know what questions to ask their agents. Therefore, customer service calls to follow-up every sale are imperative. You want to make sure your client knows what they’ve purchased. This not only protects your sale, but it can also generate more sales.

In the video below, Criss Crombie, the Life and Financial expert, demonstrates how easy it is to provide great customer service. He starts by building rapport with his client and explaining the Medicare Supplement policy so that they have a better understanding of their plan. With this strategy, Criss can much more easily transition into discussing the other products that he offers. Watch the video below to see an expert salesman successfully cross-sell a Medicare Supplement with Life Insurance!

Educating Clients Protects Your Sale

  • Confused Clients Can Lead to Canceled Plans

    It’s important to ensure your client understands their product and how to use it. If the client doesn’t understand their Medicare Supplement, then they can’t explain it to the doctor. This can lead to a world of confusion for your client, as well as the doctor. For instance, when your client makes a doctor’s appointment, they may say they have a plan with a specific carrier. However, if the doctor thinks the plan is an HMO or Medicare Advantage plan, they may tell your client that they don’t accept their insurance. This type of misunderstanding between your client and their doctor can cause a lot of frustration. If your client is frustrated because they don’t understand how their Medicare Supplement works, then they may cancel their plan. A cancelled plan means no commission for you, the agent.
  • Make Your Follow-Ups Simple Yet Informative

    Keep in mind during your follow-up call that a lack of questions from your client does not mean they fully understand their policy. Give them a brief walk-through. Brief is key. You don’t want to overwhelm your client. They simply need the CliffsNotes. If anything, they need to know that their Medicare Supplement works for all doctors and hospitals. Because, again, if they cancel their plan because they don’t know how to use it, you won’t get paid.

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