Follow-Up Calls and Why They Matter, Part 2

Customer Service Can Generate More Business

  • Referral Leads Are the Best Leads

    Great customer service benefits not only your clients but also yourself. Taking a few moments to explain your client’s plan to them, as well as answering any questions they may have, will reward you tenfold. If you don’t take the time to follow-up with your clients after sales, then chances are they won’t remember you. You’ll just be that one agent who sold them something that one time. If they don’t remember you, then you didn’t leave a positive impression. And if you don’t leave a positive and lasting impression, then they won’t refer you to their friends and family. Therefore, building a relationship is important.
  • Follow-up Calls Can Create Additional Sales

    Customer service can also generate another sale. By following up with clients, you create opportunities to explain other benefits and products you offer. Again, customer service is one of your best assets. Satisfied customers are more willing to buy other products from you. Take for instance the mock appointment, featuring Criss Crombie. He not only provided a brief overview of the policy for his client, but he also successfully pivoted into a brief explanation of a life insurance policy for which the client automatically qualifies. His cross-sell is short and simple, and that’s why it works. He’s prepared for the follow-up call, which is key. He’s already run the quote, which enables him to easily transition into his sales pitch. More importantly, he’s reviewed the quote and knows how his client can easily enroll in a life insurance policy without having to do any underwriting.

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