2016 FFM Registration

Agents/Brokers: Have You Completed Your Plan Year 2016 FFM Registration?

Plan Year 2016 Open Enrollment through the Federally-facilitated Marketplace (FFM) is underway. Agents and brokers must complete plan year 2016 FFM registration requirements prior to assisting consumers with enrollment in coverage through the FFM. If you completed plan year 2016 FFM registration by November 5, 2015, you should review the Agent and Broker FFM Registration Completion List for Plan Year 2016 on the Agents and Brokers Resources webpage to confirm that your National Producer Number (NPN) is included. You can search NPNs by clicking the arrow in cell A1, or by using the “Ctrl + F” (or “Command + F”) keystroke. If you completed registration after November 5, 2015, please check back soon.

If you have not yet completed registration and training, there are multiple training options available to you via the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Enterprise Portal at https://portal.cms.gov/:

  • CMS-approved Vendor Training Option: New for plan year 2016, you may complete the required FFM agent and broker training through one of three CMS-approved vendors: America’s Health Insurance Plans, Inc., Gorman Health Group, and the National Association of Health Underwriters. Vendors charge a fee for taking their training and, pursuant to 45 CFR § 155.222, are required to offer continuing education unit (CEU) credits in a minimum of five states where the FFM is operating. The number of CEUs and the states where they are available vary by vendor. All training through CMS-approved vendors is accessed via the CMS Enterprise Portal at https://portal.cms.gov/. For assistance completing FFM registration after completing training with a CMS-approved vendor, you can watch this brief video on completing FFM registration after completing training with a third-party vendor.
  • MLMS Training Option: In addition to the vendor training option, CMS also offers plan year 2016 FFM agent and broker training, as it has done for the past two years. The training offered by CMS through the Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS) is offered at no cost. As in previous years, the CMS MLMS training platform does not offer CEU credits.
  • Spanish-language Version of MLMS Training: A Spanish-language version of the CMS-developed plan year 2016 FFM training for agents and brokers is also available through the MLMS.

CMS appreciates your participation in assisting consumers with enrolling and/or re-enrolling in coverage through the FFM. If you have questions pertaining to the FFM agent and broker program, including the annual registration requirements, please contact the FFM Producer and Assister Help Desk via email at FFMProducer-AssisterHelpDesk@cms.hhs.gov.