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New Year, New Agents/Brokers Resources Webpage at!

The Agents and Brokers Resources webpage has been redesigned to increase accessibility to the information you need so that you can better service your clients. The welcome screen now displays frequently requested information and links to topic-specific webpages, as well as general resources, Open Enrollment registration and training, the SHOP Marketplace, and web-broker information. Lastly, the website provides quick links to key resources like help desk information and the Registration Completion List.

Open Enrollment Is Ending

Open Enrollment ends on January 31, meaning you only have two weeks left to help your clients enroll. Enrollments completed between now and the end of OEP will result in coverage that starts on March 1. You still have time to help many more get the coverage they need. To see how your hard work benefits many Americans, check out stories to see why #CoverageMatters.


Open Enrollment Tip: Avoid Duplicate Consumer Applications

During previous plan years, agents would start a new application when enrolling consumers without checking for an existing application, which sometimes resulted in duplicate applications and plans. Now, however, when using the Direct Enrollment Pathway, you are required to search for existing applications before creating a new one via the agent/broker landing page.

Similarly, consumers, using the Marketplace Pathway, are also forced to search for an existing application before selecting the “Start a new application or update an existing one” button.

Be Sure to Check Out These Other Resources

Individual Health Dashboard

Don’t forget to also check out Empower Brokerage’s new Individual Health Dashboard on our website’s agent portal! To maximize your OEP sales opportunities, we’ve put all the best tools and resources, as well as the latest news, in one area. Additionally, you can stay on top of major deadlines, such as the end of OEP, which is less that two weeks away! From now until January 31st, any Marketplace enrollment you complete will go into effect March 1st. Don’t delay! Get your clients enrolled ASAP! You’ll definitely want to add this page to your Favorites!

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