SBLI Announces No Paramed for All

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SBLI Announces No Paramed for All

Everyone knows the lengths SBLI is going to for an easy and fast underwriting process. They’ve made the agent’s life easier with the addition of their super easy Drop Ticket Application System, and now they’ve made it easier for the client, with no paramed for all risk classes, on their Level Term product up to $500,000, ages 18 – 60.

Accelerated underwriting from SBLI provides you with an innovative, faster process that is simple and convenient for both you and your clients.
It speeds up the underwriting process by:
  • Eliminating the requirement for a paramed visit
  • Improving overall cycle time
  • Improving placement
The accelerated underwriting process applies to all cases that meet the age and face amount requirements and no application gets redirected into a traditional underwriting process with a paramedic exam. You can be confident that your clients will receive the convenient, non-invasive service you promised them.
Accelerated Underwriting cases do not require a paramedic exam.
  • Ages: 18-60
  • Face Amount: $100,000-$500,000
  • Products available: SBLI Level Term (10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, or 30-year)
  • All risk classes and table ratings apply



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Telephone Interview Guide

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