How to Avoid Fatigue at Work

It is crucial that we avoid fatigue in the workplace. We don’t want to fall behind on our projects or seem unreliable. Staying alert at work can seem like a difficult task, everyone is usually running on a small amount of sleep. Mix the lack of sleep with little opportunity for a balanced diet, energy is hard to come by. Here are just a few tips to help you make it through the work day sans snooze.

1. Nap Before Work

This may only apply to those who work afternoons or nights. But taking a nap anywhere from just 15 to 45 minutes can refresh you before your shift. Make sure you are up and around before heading to work in order to get your blood flowing to wake back up.

2. Maintain a Bright Work Space

Keeping your area clean and bright will boost your mood and keep you alert. Sunlight is best, but lights on your desk or in your office will be beneficial too. Fun decor, positive messages, and things that just make you happy in your space will help keep you engaged.

3. Avoid Fatigue with Water

Keep water near you at all times. Make sure you are getting enough and staying hydrated throughout the day. Your body and mind will thank you for maintaining your fluid intake. For some light exercises while you work and stay hydrated, click here.

4. Get a Scent Boost

If your workplace allows it, keep an energizing scent near you throughout the day. Citrus and peppermint are known to keep us alert. There are also essential oils you can apply directly to your skin to maintain the scent anywhere you go.

5. Maintain a Consistent Schedule

If you can, try to keep your work schedule consistent. Don’t leave room for shift changes if you can help it. A changing schedule is not conducive to getting into a routine and forming healthy habits.


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