Cigna Individual Whole Life Policy

Cigna’s Individual Whole Life Policy

Welcome back to the Dynamic Duo with Allie Shipman and John Shinn. We are products specialists here with Empower Brokerage. Today, we’re talking about another great Cigna product – the Individual Whole Life Policy from Cigna. Your clients are going to love this policy because it’s designed to help pay for final expenses with level and modified benefits to provide coverage under a variety of health conditions. Also, there is no annual policy fee. If they have a spouse that signs up as well, they can get a five percent household discount. The issue ages are 50-85. They can choose a benefit between $2,000 and $25,000. There is an accidental death benefit. On this policy, there are great commissions and it’s easy to add. When you’re on the Express App, you just check a box. If you have any questions about this, you can give us a call here at the home office – (888) 539-1633.

Immediate Death Benefit

First thing that you should know about this policy is that it has an immediate death benefit. It goes in-force right away. We see a lot of people that buy a policy in which they have a two-year waiting period. Once approved, this plan immediately goes in-force. One thing that I really like about this plan is the e-application. It is so simple to write and it’s on the same page as the Medicare supplements.

It’s very common for us to see someone 70 years old on a Plan F Medicare supplement at $200. Then, we enroll them in a Plan G with Cigna and may save $75 a month. That is money that can be used towards the Individual Whole Life Insurance Policy. This Individual Whole Life Policy pays a big commission and pays advances.

Final Expense Goes beyond the Funeral

Another thing I want to talk about is the need for final expense. There’s more to final expense life insurance than just funeral and burial expenses. What you want to talk to your client about is having a really good plan for their final wishes and also having the money readily and quickly available. This will help the person who is helping with those arrangements.

So, this Cigna Life Insurance Policy is right there on the Express App with the Cigna Medicare supplement, as well as the Cigna Cancer Heart and Stroke Plan. All of these applications have no wet signatures. We encourage you all to study these products a little bit; they are very simple in nature. This will increase your income and help a lot of people.

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