September Team Member of the Month

Team Member of the Month

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Dauterive

Lizzie was chosen, by her peers, as the latest MVP at the Empower Brokerage home office. In the nominations, it was said that she is motivated, eager to help, unafraid to ask questions, and strives to do a good job. As a member of the Marketing Team, Lizzie’s focus is on Medicare Advantage. She conducts interviews, writes content, and shoots video for her post and campaign creations.  She is directly involved supporting agents in a variety of ways, including with the carriers Allwell and Humana Medicare.

On the personal side

Dauterive is pronounced “dough-treeve”

Lizzie grew up on a horse farm in Northeast Texas. She experienced the kind of things most of us only see in the movies. She cared for, trained and showed animals, played in a tree-house near a babbling creek, earning a blue ribbon at the county fair…her childhood was simple but full of meaningful experiences. She readily describes herself as an extrovert, and loves to write stories. After graduating from The University of North Texas, she joined Empower Brokerage and continues to shine as an example for others.

Congratulations Lizzie!