Cigna Healthspring 2018 First Look with Dave

Cigna Healthspring First look 2018

David Russell here and I will be giving you some information about Cigna Healthspring. Why Cigna Healthsprings for the 2018 open enrollment? To me, it really boils down to their value proposition – their “Wow statement.” Well, one of the things they do is they believe that seniors deserve to live healthier lives. They believe in delivering health care, not sick care.  They also believe that if we help enough seniors stay healthier, then they can ultimately get more out of life; that’s extremely important.

The “WOW” Statement Summary

The “wow” statement from Cigna Healthspring ultimately boils down to you, the agent. If you believe in Cigna’s value proposition and consistently share it with prospects, then you’re going to attract clients, who desire what Cigna delivers. Cigna focuses on care coordination, but how do they deliver their promise to seniors?  Well, one of the things they do is physician engagement.  They want to make sure that issues are acknowledged so they can actively work with their clients to improve the quality of their customers care.

Secondly, they have matrixes. Partnerships for quality; they’re P for Q. That just provides incentives for doctors and it goes back to what they believe in. Delivering care, not sick care. They want to make sure their doctors are delivering quality care and helping people get better. Cigna has several programs, and I’ll mention a few in this video. One of them is their four to twelve reports. I really like that because it identifies their clients that have not seen their doctors in the last four to twelve months. There’s a huge engagement there. Alternatively, someone could be healthy, but wants to identify those clients and reach out to him just to make sure they are healthy and not unable to get into a doctor’s appointment.

Another benefit is their home visits. Nurses with Cigna want to make sure that your home has an accessible, quality place of living.  They ensure that if someone needs wheelchair assistance that they get the proper ramps to get in and out of their house to get the care they need.

Incorporate the “WOW!”

So, how can you, the agent, help incorporate their “Wow” campaign to your sales process? It’s really in the way you engage your client, and you can gauge your claim through a series of questions. A couple of those might be – “Mrs. Brown what would you like your health care plan to do for you?” – or even –  “What’s important to you and how do you like to spend your free time Mrs. Jones?” So that’s my take, and I’m excited that Cigna Healthspring is back on the market for the 2018 season.

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