Always Be Closing: 5 Types of Questions to Ask Your Clients

Do you know your A.B.C.’s? As an agent, it’s as simple as Always Be Closing. Today, I want to share with you some closing techniques that other agents have found successful in closing insurance sales. All of these questions are crucial during the close. I encourage you to incorporate these into your sales presentation. They’ll generate feedback when you ask your client these questions.

Number One: Ask Them if They Understand

After giving any part of the presentation, you can ask, “Are you with me so far?” Then pause and listen. You can use different variations of this question like “how does this sound?” or “do you see what I mean?” Try, “does this make sense?” Listen to them and make notes. Always listen carefully, not only to what they say, but also how they say it. Always allow some time after you ask the question to listen to what they’re saying.

Number Two: Ask Them about the Plan Benefits

Every time you list a benefit ask “how would you use that?”, “could you use that?”, “will this work for you?”, or “would that be a benefit in your particular situation?” Again, listen to how they respond.

Number Three: Ask Them if They Have Questions

Another good question to ask throughout the presentation is “do you have any questions at this time?” Always ask questions during the process because you want to make sure that you’re both on the same page. One of the best and least used questions is to ask is “do you have any questions about what we’ve talked about?” You will be amazed how people respond.

Number Four: Use Pre-Closing Questions

Trial closes are always good. Ask “does this seem to be the kind of solution you’re looking for?”, “how does this sound so far?”, or “am I getting close to what you are looking for?” Even though it sounds a little cheesy, ask these questions. The questions may be new to you, so practice. Practice on a friend, a spouse, or even a client that you have a great deal of trust with. It’s very important you practice, because practice makes perfect.

Number Five: Ask Them if There’s Anything Else They’d Wish to Discuss

When you’re done with the presentation, always ask “what haven’t I covered that is important to you?” Always ask “have I covered everything that’s important to you?”

While we do a lot of talking as insurance professionals, it’s very important to listen. Have you ever heard someone say “shut up and listen, I’m talking”? Remember that, but also when you are listening, be an active listener. Make sure when you listen you jot things down before responding. We have two ears because you have to listen. As a result, better listening skills will help you find out what’s important to your client. In turn, you will start closing more sales.

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