Work-Life Balance

work-life balance

As an insurance agent, it can be tough to maintain a healthy work-life balance. You are expected to find and follow up with prospects while simultaneously checking on current clients and trying to keep up with new updates in the insurance business. It can be hard to make the distinction between your personal and work time. However, you are lucky because insurance agents have more of a say in what they can do during their usual day. Here are some things you can implement to guarantee a good work-life balance.

Determine your balance. First and foremost, you want to decide what work-life balance looks like for you. It is different for everyone. You may have your family as a priority, but someone with no one kids would not mind spending more time doing work. Having a clear idea of what you want your life to look like, will help you form that balance.

Set limits. As an agent, you feel like you need to be constantly available for your clients. And while that may be true, you need to be able to set boundaries for yourself. Determine a time when you will stop taking calls and schedule your appointments so that they do not interfere with your family time. Take advantage of your voicemail to let your clients know when they should expect to hear from you next.

Evaluate. Another important part of managing the gray area between work and home life is by evaluating what is and is not truly an emergency. A lot of the time it seems that your clients’ needs are urgent and need to be dealt with right away, but most of the time it can be fixed at a later time. Understanding what an emergency is will help create boundaries between work and personal time.

Self-care. Although we are focusing on work and home, you need to also be taking care of yourself. Being relaxed and refreshed allows you to give each aspect of your life the proper attention. Take a few minutes of every day and disconnect yourself from family, work, social media, etc. Take that time to do something that helps you decompress such as working out, meditation, or any other activity.

Commit. Implementing all of these practices into your everyday life will lead to a better balance between work and home life. However, the only way to truly reap the benefits is to commit. Let a few people know what you are trying to accomplish and allow them to keep you accountable.


We hope this information on work-life balance is helpful to you.

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