Increase Productivity by Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Creating a more productive work environment can sometimes be as simple as adding an indoor plant, and there’s studies to prove it! Having aesthetically pleasing elements in your office, such as plants, can increase productivity by up to 15%. Make your office your own by decorating with pictures, flowers, and fun, personalized office supplies. Surprisingly, adding a few plants can drastically improve productivity. Not only do plants make an environment more inviting, but according to research published by the American Psychological Association, adding indoor plants makes workers feel mentally refreshed. For more on indoor plants and their benefits, check out our other article!

Above all, stay organized! This may be the most obvious tip on staying focused. A disorganized desk causes distraction and stress.  Additionally, a cluttered desk causes important documents to get lost. Therefore, it’s important to incorporate a daily routine in which you de-clutter you desk. Doing this will make your work day more efficient and also ensure that nothing gets lost. Preferably, this exercise should be the last thing you do so that you can start work the next morning stress-free.

In addition to organizing your desk, studies show that a well-stocked desk increases productivity. Post-it Brand commissioned a study on office organization to show how important it is to have necessary supplies. The results revealed that 94% of employees are less productive when they don’t have the supplies they need. Therefore, make sure you have the supplies you need always on-hand. On that note, make sure you visit all the websites for the carrier’s you represent and order enough brochures, applications, and other marketing materials you may need.

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