Making Your Agency Website Accessible

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Is Your Website Accessible?

As an insurance agent, you are constantly trying to gather new leads. And having a website of your own is one recommendation from experts. It allows potential clients to learn who you are and contact you to get quotes, answers, and coverage.

Since your website is such a large piece of the puzzle for success, wouldn’t you want it to be accessible to everyone? Web accessibility involves designing and developing websites, tools, and technologies so people with disabilities can use them. Making your website accessible welcomes a wide range of people with auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, and visual disabilities.

How Do I Make My Website Accessible?

If you are starting your website from scratch, you can go into the creation process with accessibility in mind. However, if you already have a website, there is a way to check the accessibility rating of your site. A great free resource for this is the Wave Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool. It’s easy to use and will identify where your page fails in accessibility.

Continue reading for a few features you must implement when creating an accessible website.

Keyboard Navigation

An essential feature of an accessible website is the ability to navigate your site with a keyboard instead of a mouse. The reasoning is that many assistive technologies use keyboard-only navigation. Therefore, you should verify that users can access pages, click on links, and more by using a keyboard.

Alt Text for Images

Every good website needs photos. And if you are using them, you need to guarantee you provide alternative text that describes what is going on in the photograph. This tactic benefits users who may be unable to view the image. They will still be able to understand the content of your website when using assisting tech like dictation software.

A bonus is that alt text helps optimize your site for SEO.

High-Contrast Colors

Another way to make your website a more positive experience for those with disabilities is by using colors with high contrast. Using high-contrast colors, like black and white, ensures that all website elements are distinguishable. You never want text blending into the background.

Captions and Transcripts

If you are utilizing any videos on your website, you must provide captions or transcripts so that deaf or hard-of-hearing users can still enjoy and understand the videos. This method is especially critical for those using screen readers.


We hope that this information on making your agency website accessible is useful to you.

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