Medico Quick Quotes

Speed Up Your Sales with Medico’s Quick Quote Tool!

Get Your Clients a Quote Faster Than Ever
Medico’s Quick Quote website has been updated to help you quote any of our products, in just minutes.

Fast and Easy
We made the process simple and easy for you to get the quote and make the sale:

  • Head over to
  • Enter the client’s basic information (no email or sign-up required)
  • Choose the Medico product you wish to get a quote on

It’s that simple!

Don’t forget about Empower Brokerage’s CSG Comparative Rater quoting engine. Easily present all your carriers to your clients to find the one that’s right for them! If you have questions about how to use the quoting engine, simply visit our Empower University for in-depth training!

Quick Quote on the Go
Be sure to save Quick Quote as an icon on your iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone and add it to your internet browser favorites. Also, check out the Empower Brokerage mobile app available for iOS and Android download! Get quick quotes on the go at the touch of a finger! Be able to help your clients anytime, anywhere.

Medico Agent website:
Medico Agent Services: 1.800.547.2401 (option 3)


We hope that this information on Meico’s Quick Quote Tool is useful to you.

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