Advice for New Agents, Part 1

Partner with a Mentor or Experienced Colleague

First, keep in mind that an agent’s license is only good for two years before you have to renew it. So to be successful during those first two years, you, as a new agent, should make sure you’re partnering with a mentor or other experienced person. Before you can effectively create a plan and develop a sales routine, you should identify and approach someone to be your mentor. This can be an experienced person with the sales focus you want to have, or an upline mentor who benefits from your success. Two minds are better than one.

Moreover, a partner can help you expand your client base all the way through building up the referral system. Then during your second year of selling insurance, you will have clients to revisit. It is important to go back and make sure that the plan you sold them is still the right plan for them. Once you establish your mentor relationship, you can formulate a plan and establish some good sales and marketing practices. Below, we’ll go into some things to keep in mind.

Focus on Your Strengths First

When you develop a plan, build on your strengths. You will sell best if you sell what’s a passion for you. For instance, if you personally know what it’s like to lose someone without insurance, then your experiences make you uniquely qualified to help others avoid that situation. Or, if you love working with older people you may want to focus on Medicare. The bottom line, do what makes you happy with the people that you enjoy most. Don’t focus on something just because you think it will make you more money. That never works or at least not for long. If you choose what you don’t like, soon you will despise it. Anyone can make great money doing what they love if they stick with it. So, ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Do I have any experience surrounding the topic of Life Insurance, Health Insurance, or Medicare?
  • What kind of people do I enjoy being around?
  • What insurance product is most likely going to put me around the people I enjoy?
  • Do I have any influence with facilities, groups, or people that would be a good fit for a specific type of insurance?
  • What field of insurance do you think you would be more confident selling?
    • Health insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Medicare

Pick a target product and spend your first six months refining your strengths so that you can be the expert on that topic. It will help you build up a client base.

Add to Your Product Portfolio

You can increase your value as an agent by adding other insurance products to your portfolio. Keep your focus, but have a thoughtful portfolio of insurance products available to round out your client service offering. You don’t need to be a superstore. But even the hardware store sells beef jerky. Why? because, typically, workers love it!

Think of your chosen insurance type and what may augment it. Ask your mentor what products are best for cross-selling. Health Insurance (Obamacare) has a large deductible. So, perhaps a gap plan may be a good item to package with it. What about Dental Insurance? That’s closely related to Health Insurance. And if you sell a Medicare Supplement, what about a prescription drug plan and a senior dental/ vision/ hearing plan? It makes sense.

These are examples, but you’ll need to find your own menu of insurance to offer and perfect it as you go.


We hope that this information on new agent advice is interesting to you.

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