AIG’s Navigating The New Normal

navigating the new normal

navigating the new normal

Working from home can be a difficult transition, and almost everything has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in some way. Part of that has been many business professionals having to conduct business remotely since they can no longer meet their clients and customers face to face. AIG has created a group of resources for conducting business while working from home under the title Navigating The New Normal.

Managing Productivity While Working Remotely

One of the most informational resources provided in to learn how to manage team productivity while working remotely. The module goes over the most important steps for success:

  • Use the same management and leadership skills as before.
  • Set deliverable goals and deadlines.
  • Stay in contact with team members not just through email.
  • Leverage technology resources.
  • Have virtual team meetings.

Making sure that the same expectations are set and met both in and out of the office is critically important to maintaining performance during this difficult time, and making sure to have similar levels of contact with your employees is also critical in maintaining the relationship with the people on your team.

Survive and Thrive Working From Home

Another great module from this resource is for agents and team members on how to stay on top of work performance and physical health while working from home. For maintaining work performance, the module suggests:

  • Setting a daily schedule and goals.
  • Defining a workspace in your home.
  • Switching off to give yourself time to relax.

Separating your free time at home and your work time at home is very important for maintaining performance and mental health because not having the separation between work time and personal time can lead to a blurred line where you do not feel like you can relax at all.

Along with tips on maintaining work performance, the module also has information on how important maintaining physical and mental health is. Maintaining your personal care, being social with your friends and family through online resources, and maintaining a good diet and exercise routine can help with feeling better and more normal through these times.

Video Conferencing and Virtual Sales

The rest of the modules go over important lessons and information regarding video conference applications and sales techniques to use in a virtual environment. These sections would be very useful for any agent who needs help navigating the sales process right now.

Agent Materials

We hope this information on AIG’s Navigating The New Normal helps your transition to working from home go smoothly!

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