Networking Events Best Practices

Networking event.

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Networking Events

As insurance agents, you are constantly invited to different events with carriers and with us here at Empower Brokerage. At those events, you can find yourself rubbing elbows with important people in the industry. People that can be instrumental in getting you on the right track and propelling your business forward.

But how do you engage with them?

At some networking events, it can be your only chance at making good first impressions. Therefore, you must guarantee your approach is fresh with new ideas to make the most out of those interactions.

Networking Tips

Here are a few different tips you can implement at your industry events.

Come With a Plan

If you have a goal, you need to have a plan. If there is anyone specific you want to talk with, you should keep an eye on the agenda and find a good time to make the connection. Some events can get busy and chaotic, so following a plan will let you make the most of your time.

Meet Someone New

At larger networking events, it can be easy to keep to yourself, especially if you go with a few of your fellow agent friends. However, it could be beneficial to challenge yourself to sit and talk with someone new and engage in a new connection. You can never accomplish growth when you are in your comfort zone!

Ask Good Questions

The people you are trying to meet are probably used to getting the same questions – “what do you do?” Try asking more interesting questions that prompt you to receive a more insightful response than simply a job title. Good questions create good conversation and make you more memorable.

Follow Up

The work doesn’t end when you leave the event. A few days afterward, you should send follow-up emails to anyone that you met and want to continue networking. You must write a personalized message by letting them know you enjoyed meeting them. To mention something specific in the conversation is a best practice. It is also a good chance to schedule any other opportunities to meet.

While you do need to go to these events with a plan of action, you should remember to have fun and be yourself! If you have a genuine and open spirit, your disposition will make it easier for you to engage in effective and memorable conversations.


We hope that this information on networking events is useful to you.

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