Seminar Recap

Medicare Supplement Sales Success Seminar Recap

Tuesday, March 28th, Empower Brokerage hosted a seminar focused on Medicare Supplement sales success. Featured speakers at the seminar included National Sales Director DeWayne Long, Senior Product Specialist John Shinn, and Aetna/Coventry representative Helen Allen.

Dewayne kicked off the seminar by discussing how the insurance business is a people business. Agents interact with clients every day, it’s important to ask the right questions, which is referred to as “needs-based selling”. To ensure agents sell successfully, Long outlined the three keys to success and pointed out that the first sign of failure is thinking you have arrived.

Dewayne also mentioned how new technology can benefit agents. From GoToMeeting, to screen sharing software, agents can connect with their clients efficiently from anywhere. Most people are visual learners, so options like these are extremely helpful. Stemming off of the topic of technology, Dewayne  highlighted the fact that different generations respond

Stemming off of the topic of technology, Dewayne highlighted the fact that different generations respond differently to everything. One’s youth shapes their thoughts and preferences today. There will always be obstacles when selling insurance, but knowing how to connect to your client is key. Try to take your time to build trust and the client’s confidence in you. Show them you are knowledgeable and qualified to help.

Agent Tools

Empower offers a number of unique tools for our agents. Among them include customizable marketing materials, quoting tools, lead generating tools, and the option to send business reply cards.


We had the privilege of having an Aetna representative speak at this seminar. Helen Harris Allen went over Aetna/Coventry’s fast online application system, Ascend, which guarantees to make your life easier.

Helen spoke graciously of Empower Brokerage stating, “I am extremely impressed with what I saw before the presentation. The time Dewayne and John take with the agents to educate them, giving them resources and support, is just tremendous. I work with a lot of agencies and you don’t always see that level of support. It made me very comfortable, because Medicare Advantage is very complicated at times, a lot of compliance and regulartion. Seeing the support that is garnered makes me that much more comfortable that their agents will be compliant and ready to sell the product when necessary.”

“After my presentation, I felt really honored. The agents were engaged, hearing info for the first time, and there were very few people not paying attention, so I commend Empower for bringing their agents together and training them.”

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