North American: A Company Your Clients Can Trust

Your Clients Can Have Confidence in North American

Your clients want to feel confident that the company that’s helping them protect their futures is a strong and stable one. With 130 years of business under their belt, North American’s continued and consistent financial strength is a result of a conservative and disciplined investment strategy, a private ownership structure, and doing what’s right for their distribution partners and policyowners. Speaking of policyowners, did you know North American Company holds over 595,000 life insurance and annuity policies, with assets of over $22 billion. Furthermore, they have paid out over $389 million in life insurance death claims in 2016 and their Sammons Annuity Group has $43 billion of annuity reserves for 609,000 contract owners.

As a member of Sammons Financial Group, which was recently ranked by LIMRA as the 10th largest writer of individual life insurance, North American’s story of long-term reliability can be found in the numbers. They also have A+ ratings for A.M. Best and S&P Global Ratings. For more evidence showcasing North American’s strengths, then check out this consumer-approved flyer. Share it with your clients to show them why they can count on North American now and into the future.

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