North American Company: Illustration Software, Product Updates, and More!

Web-based Illustrations

North American now offers web-based illustration software on iPipeline’s platform for iGO® users! This new software is seamlessly connected to the eApp to help put time back in your schedule. Read more about web-based illustrations and start illustrating today!

For additional training on iPipeline, specifically the illustration software, schedule a one-on-one training with Empower Brokerage’s Alfonso Tirado!

Revised IUL Products

Don’t forget — North American has newly revised Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) products. The Builder IUL®, Guaranteed Builder IUL® and Rapid Builder IUL® products are approved and available in all states except CA, DE and MT. Survivorship GIUL will not be changing at this time. Click here to read the field bulletin about what has changed with the new IUL products.

Employing Your Clients’ Assets

Many people have money that is located in money market accounts, CDs, annuities, or other vehicles that are no longer crediting an attractive interest rate. This is usually money that your clients want to keep close at hand and they don’t want it to lose significant value. A properly structured life insurance policy can provide a valuable solution to help meet short-term and long-term needs. Click here to read more about how you can help meet your clients’ needs and help increase your sales.

Visit Our Website

When was the last time you visited the North American Company website? They’ve updated the agent dashboard with a new look! There are three key reasons an agent may want to visit the North American Company website:

  1. Set up your alerts. Login on your desktop or smart device to have expanded access to policy information anytime, anywhere. You can set up notifications to help remind you of important milestones during the life of a policy. Download the flyer here
  2. Set up your favorites. With new preference settings, you can personalize your homepage so you can easily access your favorite parts of the North American website. For help customizing your new agent homepage, download the quick tips flyer.
  3. Check out the marketing microsite. You can quickly find product information, sales concepts, web events, and social media tools to help you get on with your busy day. Check it out here.

Watch the video to take a tour of your new agent homepage!

If you have any questions, please call us toll-free (888) 539-1633.

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