Plan Year 2018 Registration and Training is Now Live!

Agents! Marketplace registration and training for Plan Year 2018 is now live on the Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS)!

Get Prepared to Assist Consumers

Ready to go? First, you must complete Plan Year 2018 registration and training on the CMS Enterprise Portal prior to helping consumers enroll in Marketplace coverage. Remember that Open Enrollment for the Individual Marketplace begins on November 1, 2017. 

If you are new to the Marketplace this year, or if you did not complete plan year 2017 registration and training, you are required to take the full Individual Marketplace training for Plan Year 2018.

If you are a returning agent or broker who completed Plan Year 2017 Marketplace registration and training, you are eligible to take the shorter Refresher Training for plan year 2018, which takes about half the time to complete!

Registration and Training Resources

Ready to get started? Check out these resources to guide you through the registration and training process:

  • A one-page tip sheet outlining what’s new for plan year 2018 registration and training.
  • Quick and easy registration and training guides for new and returning agents and brokers.
  • Webinar slides to walk new and returning agents and brokers through the step-by-step process required to complete registration and training.

CMS-Approved Vendor Training Option

Three vendors are approved to offer Marketplace training for plan year 2018:

What’s the advantage?

CMS-approved vendors are required to offer continuing education unit (CEU) credits in a minimum of five states where the Marketplace operates. You can use these CEUs to meet state licensure requirements for continuing education.

If you complete training through a CMS-approved vendor…

  • Vendors may charge a fee depending on the vendor and the curriculum completed.
  • You must access the vendor’s training via the CMS Enterprise Portal and should not go directly to the vendor’s website to access training content.
  • You are still required to sign the applicable Agreement(s) and update your MLMS profile after you complete the required training.

For more information about CMS-approved vendor training, please visit the Agents and Brokers Resources web page.

Enhancements for Plan Year 2018

There are many exciting new changes to the MLMS and Find Local Help for plan year 2018.

Highlights include:

  • Updates to the Find Local Help tool that allow you to display contact information for all states in which you are licensed
  • Improvements to how the curriculum is displayed to make it easier for you to find the appropriate courses
  • The ability to customize the MLMS profile fields by selecting an appropriate role
  • Validation messages to help make sure that you entered the correct National Producer Number (NPN)

You can find more information to help you better understand the enhancements in the Plan Year 2018 MLMS Enhancements Overview webinar slides.

Find Answers to Your Registration and Training Questions

If you have questions throughout the registration and training process, check out the Agents and Brokers Resources web page for helpful resources and information.

You can also contact one of the agent/broker help desks outlined in this resource.

2018 Plan Year Webinar

Need a more detailed walk through of the 2018 plan year? Then sign up for the webinar, hosted by Product Specialist Jeff Hess at Empower Brokerage, that’s scheduled for the following date – Thursday, August 10th from 10am-11am.

If you have any questions, please call us toll-free (888) 539-1633.

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