Secrets of Being a Great Insurance Agent

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Being an insurance agent isn’t always the easiest job. Often times it can be difficult to discuss the needs of your client, or the clients are just difficult to work with all together. But it’s important to be able to differentiate yourself from every other agent who’s looking to obtain the same client. Even if they happen to be difficult, market yourself in the best way possible so you can become someone they remember. You’ll never know who they might refer you to. Below are some ways to help you become a better insurance agent.

1. Have a dynamic personality

If you appear to be excited and eager at all times, it will immediately rub off on clients, and they’ll feel more inclined to buy from you. Positivity is contagious! Use it to your advantage to get your clients to feel more comfortable around you.

2. Being honest is a virtue

Nothing will make you lose clients faster than being dishonest with them. Gain the trust and respect from your clients by always being honest. They’re more likely to repeat business with you.

3. Be persistent

You won’t always get clients to buy your product, and you might occasionally lose a big sale or customer. However, this shouldn’t discourage you. Learn from your mistakes and do even better with the next client. Every mistake you learn from leads you to being an even better salesperson.

4. Knowledge is key

It’s much easier to market yourself and your product if you know what it is front and back. It’s important to know the different policies in your area to find the best one that suits your client. Being knowledgeable about the market and the products you sell will make your client feel more comfortable knowing they’re talking to someone who knows what they’re talking about.

5. Surround yourself with successful people

Nothing is more encouraging than having your friends around you be successful. Learn from them and try to adapt the way they do business. If you surround yourself with successful business men, then you’re more likely to feel motivated to do better. As the old saying goes, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

These are just 5 simple habits for an agent to adopt to become successful, but there are much more factors that come to play. Find which combination of habits work best for you to help you become more successful. Here at Empower, we want all our agents to strive for the best, and we’re here to help you do so.


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