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Making the Most of Your Store

Over the past few months, Empower Brokerage has been working with licensed insurance agent across the country who have signed up to work a store in the Walmart Kiosk Program. When worked effectively, this program leads to appointments, referrals, and adds to your book of business. Andrea Hektner, Empower’s Business Development Manager, oversees the program. She is here today to point out a few tips to help you make the most out of your Walmart Kiosk.

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Teaming Up

Teaming up with another agent to work a store with you can make the process a lot easier and run smoother. You can split the cost of the store, and the time commitment. You are also more free to work additional hours if you choose. In the case of an emergency or illness, having another agent designated as your backup will help you avoid a compliance issue.

Position Yourself Correctly

A problem a lot of licensed insurance agents encounter is that the hours can seem to drag on, especially since you can’t necessarily approach prospects because that doesn’t meet with compliance. So, you are a bit limited in how you can attract the prospects to your table to speak with you. You want to be affable and friendly-looking; you want to smile and look approachable. Some agents find standing in front of the Kiosk instead of sitting behind it really helps them. You don’t want to look busy or distracted by your phone or on a computer. Last year, one secret shopper had to walk by a kiosk 4 times before the licensed insurance agent even looked up from his book. You can say general greetings, such as hello, good afternoon, etc. Customers are much more likely to approach you when they take notice of you. Make your presence notice-worthy! Keep brochures in hand. The program does supply marketing materials to agents, and Empower Brokerage offers downloadable marketing material as well. Our marketing materials are customizable with your information, so you can print some out and keep those on hand at your kiosk.

Build Relationships with the Staff Early

Another tip is to begin making strong, positive impressions with the staff early on. The pharmacist is key. More often than not the kiosk is placed near the pharmacy, or the front of the store. The pharmacist can drive traffic so build a relationship with them! If the pharmacist knows you and likes you, they are much more likely to direct people to your table. This applies to the staff as well. Although the pharmacist typically has the most contact with your target market, other store associates have the ability to steer customers towards your kiosk. You can also leave brochures with the pharmacist, so they can hand out your information even when you’re not there. Store managers can determine your placement within the store, and visibility is everything. The most common agent complaints about placement and success came from agents who never bothered to build staff relationships. We recommend physically meeting with the store and pharmacy managers days before the kiosk is even delivered. You can scope out the store, ask the staff questions, and get a feel for the area you will be working in.

Cross Sell

While this is an MA focused program, that doesn’t mean that all other products are off the table. You more than likely represent a wide range of products, such as life insurance, ACA and med supps. It’s a good idea to bring this up when talking to clients because chances are they have grandchildren or children that are not 65 and over. Referrals for other product types should always be in the back of your mind. Always remember that even if you cannot help that particular prospect, you may be able to help someone they know.


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