Life Summit Recap with Paul Manginelli

 What were some of the things covered at the Life Summit?

The Life Summit gives Empower Brokerage the opportunity to invite our top producers on an annual basis to a meeting. We get together for a couple of days, and we talk about life. We talk about long term care; we talk about a website; we update them on what’s going on within Empower. Most importantly, we thank them for their business, and we ask them what’s important to them.  We ask: How we can make their experience better at Empower Brokerage? What do they like and what do they not like? What is Empower doing right? So, that’s kind of a high-level overview of the Life Summit.

Who attended this Summit?

This Summit consisted of approximately forty of our top agents throughout the United States. We also invite our carrier representatives there to dive into their products. They also pointed out the strengths of their products in the market that is going to help customers.

What carriers were there?

We had a National Life Group, Mutual of Omaha, and Mutual Trust. We also had information from other carriers that unfortunately, due to other commitments, could not be there. The carriers not in attendance were North American and Lincoln Financial.

What information did you take away from the Summit?

As a product specialist, I saw the importance of the need for life insurance and long-term care. The agents really provided some valuable feedback on how they can add life insurance and long-term care to their portfolio. Each agent had a specific need, specific question, and I realize that there is not one product that fits all. The most important thing is you really must provide a solution, based on need analysis. When you visit with a client, everybody has a different need; everybody has a different want or budget that they’re working with.

Paul, you had your own PowerPoint presentation at the Summit, can you go over a little bit of what you covered?

Sure, so I covered the need for awareness of long term care. The two most important questions everybody has to ask themselves is if you should need long term care. Who’s going to care for you and how are you going to pay for it.  What I did on a high level is just talked about a plan. When addressing long term care needs and extended care.

What does Empower hope to accomplish by doing these types of events for their agents?

The primary goal is to inform and educate agents on the tools and resources available at Empower. We also update them on our product partners, as we’re always adding new partners to our portfolio. More importantly, we have a little fun to thank them for their business. This year we took them out to a Texas Rangers game, which they won; it was great and everybody enjoyed themselves. So, the objective is to inform, educate, and thank them for their business.

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