Life Summit Overview with Enrique Torres

What exactly did the Summit cover?

Well, this is an event that we put together every year and the coverage was on life carriers. We also spent some time on annuities; that was a part that I covered. We also have some other things here at Empower Brokerage we covered on life or should I say the senior market, so that was my focus.

What carriers were at the Summit?

We had Mutual Trust, American Life, and National Life. In addition, North American provided some information for us to share.

What information did you personally take away from the Summit?

Being able to gather information and put this together for our agents was a good learning experience. There is a variety of options and solutions out there for our agents.  So, that in of itself, I think, was a good take away. We covered IUL, term, and whole life products that were carrier specific. Moreover, Mutual of Omaha had a specific tool, which is a business evaluation tool. National Life Group also shared methods for addressing the needs of under-served communities. Overall, there was great information about great carriers.

Why does Empower do the Summit?  

Well, the reason is in the name of the company – Empower Brokerage. The mission of the company, founded by Rodney Culp, is to empower agents. He wants to empower our agents with the tools and the resources to grow their individual practices so that’s why we put this on every year. It’s to show agents that they have those resources available to them.  Because of their normal business and product focus, which may be the senior market, they may not have that knowledge or the tools available for the life insurance industry.  So, that was something that we wanted to share with them.

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