Check to See if Your Small Group Clients Qualify for Tax Credits

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It’s Not Too Late! Are Your Small Group Clients Eligible for a Tax Credit?

Have clients with fewer than 25 employees, or thinking of enrolling in SHOP Marketplace coverage? They may be eligible to claim the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit- only available through the SHOP Marketplace and can be applied for retroactively.

Find out if your clients might be eligible for this tax credit, worth up to 50% of their premium contributions, by using’s Tax Credit Tool. You can also find more information on the tax credit and find the forms to file on

NEW Agent/Broker Feature in the SHOP Marketplace Agent/Broker Portal

Agents and brokers helping small employers enroll in and manage their SHOP Marketplace coverage now have more ways to stay organized and view their clients’ payment history. The SHOP Marketplace Agent/Broker Portal now lets you view and download client payment delinquency reports, as well as SHOP Marketplace payments made to insurance companies for purposes of tracking your commissions. To access the reports:

  1. Log in to your SHOP Marketplace Agent/Broker Portal account.
  2. Select an employer from your list of clients. Remember, you must be authorized by an employer to access a client’s account information.
  3. Select “Employer Payment and Billing” in “My account” to enter the online payment system.
  4. Select “Broker Reports” to view the Client Delinquency Report and Client Payment History Report, which can also be exported into an Excel spreadsheet.

The Client Delinquency Report shows all clients who currently have a delinquent monthly payment, as well as the total delinquent amount, due date of the oldest invoice, termination date, and reinstatement date.

The Client Payment History Report lets agents and brokers view up to 15 months of SHOP Marketplace payment history to insurance companies, including the total premium paid, month paid, coverage month, and more. This new report will make it easier for you to track commission payments made to you from insurance companies for your SHOP Marketplace enrollments.

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