TDI files against unlicensed company selling health plans

Is Aliera Healthcare Unlicensed?

According to a press release from The Texas Department of Insurance, Aliera Healthcare has been accused of selling thousands of insurance plans to clients in Texas and nationwide without a license.
The article states:

TDI files against unlicensed company selling health plans

The Texas Department of

Insurance (TDI) has filed an action to stop Aliera Healthcare from selling health insurance

in Texas without a state license and engaging in other unlawful conduct.

How many people bought coverage from Aliera?

TDI estimates that Aliera has about 17,000 customers in Texas and 100,000 nationwide.

What happens next?

There is a hearing scheduled for 9 a.m. May 28 in front of a state administrative law judge. The judge will then create a proposal for decision. Aliera and TDI will have a chance to submit additional arguments. The proposal for the decision will then be presented to the Commissioner of Insurance for a final ruling on the matter.

What if an Aliera consumer is having problems getting claims paid?

TDI is asking consumers who have information to share or a complaint to email

What options are available to consumers looking for new coverage?

You may be able to buy health coverage through your employer or directly from an insurance company. Short-term health plans may provide coverage for up to a year.

Health insurance through is typically only available during open enrollment from November 1 through December 15 for coverage to begin in January. You can submit a request online to buy coverage now, and the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services will determine if you meet the qualifications for an exemption.

What are the requirements to be a health-sharing ministry in Texas?

Chapter 1681 of the Insurance Code requirements for a health-sharing ministry include:

  • The organization must be faith-based and nonprofit. Participants must be of similar faith.
  • The organization matches participants who have medical bills with other participants able to help pay those bills.
  • There is no assumption of risk or promise to pay among the participants or the health care sharing ministry.
  • The organization must provide a monthly statement that includes administrative fees and costs to participants.
  • All applications, guidelines and plan cards must clearly indicate that the participant is part of a health care sharing ministry that is not engaging in the business of insurance.

Information sourced from TDI

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