Telehealth Barriers In Medicaid and CHIP Loosened By CMS Toolkit

Telehealth barriers in Medicaid and CHIP should be getting easier to deal with after the release of CMS’ new 25-page telehealth toolkit. While COVID-19 is still on the move, CMS hopes to make it easier for enrollees of CHIP and Medicaid to receive healthcare without fear of exposure at doctor’s offices or emergency rooms. The announcement that came on Thursday, follows other efforts from CMS to help expand telehealth services as the country continues to deal with COVID-19 cases, which have reached over one million cases in the U.S.

Toolkit From CMS Statement

In the statement released from CMS, the telehealth barriers in Medicaid and CHIP will be more flexible with the telehealth toolkit.

“CMS has created a dedicated website for Medicaid-related COVID-19 information, which includes our Medicaid & CHIP Disaster Response Toolkit and links to other relevant information regarding COVID-19. This Medicaid Telehealth Toolkit aggregates information and highlights questions that states may ask themselves when establishing new telehealth policy, including telehealth policies for pediatrics. This toolkit will evolve throughout the COVID-19 emergency.”

Current Telehealth barriers in Medicaid and CHIP

Currently, states have broad flexibility in deciding how to offer telehealth coverage. The toolkit helps states expand their programs and helps locate where restrictions can be removed, such as patient eligibility, provider eligibility, covered services, or telehealth tech. With the suggestions brought to light by the new toolkit, states can address certain telehealth restrictions and offer broader access to more patients. “While not all patient interactions can be delivered through telehealth, our clinicians on the frontlines need every tool in their arsenal to fight this invisible enemy,” said CMS Administrator Seema Verma.

What do you think about this new telehealth toolkit? Would you use telehealth more if the type of healthcare you can receive is expanded or do you prefer to visit your doctor in person? Give us your feedback below in the comment section.


As we continue on this quarantine journey, remember to keep your client’s health at the forefront. If they are one of the 4 out of 10 seniors who own a smartphone, chances are they are probably tech-savvy enough to do a video call for all your appointments.  So, instead of forgoing important meetings, communications, and social interactions, encourage your clients to embrace the technology solutions we have available.

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