Time for Spring Cleaning


It’s time for some Spring Cleaning. It’s a great time to clear out your outdated marketing materials, rate sheets, applications, and update your software.


  1. Make a list of your carriers and note any subordinate materials that old information might be on, such as email templates, brochures, rate sheets, banners, etc.
  2. Take it one carrier at a time, go to their agent portal and gather updated materials.
  3. Place all new information in a folder with the carrier name.
  4. Delete old materials
  5. Browse your website and marketing to look for anything you missed.

That’s it!

It may take you a little time, but it’s worth it to have updated information.

Here’s some specific GTL information to get you started:

GTL Webinar list

GTL Website

GTL Agent Login Direct Link

GTL Support Line (800) 323-6907

GTL Quoting Software

Don’t forget GTL also has a mobile app called “GTL Mobile Agent”.