Humana Announces New Marketing Resource Center

humanabasictransSeptember 4, 2015

Announcing the New Marketing Resource Center

Humana is pleased to provide a comprehensive suite of over 100 pre-approved customizable marketing materials for AEP and ROY. You can preview the postcards, flyers, ads, letters, etc. in this link to the Humana Delegated Medicare Marketing Catalog.

Now self-service! The ROY materials are now accessible to agents to customize and download via the Marketing Resource Center. Agents will see the materials relevant to the plans they’re contracted to sell. The AEP materials will be available in mid-September, to be used/mailed/distributed no sooner than October 1. Until then, the catalog images will be helpful in planning for AEP campaigns.

These materials are designed to motivate prospects to switch to a Humana Medicare plan by focusing on Humana value propositions and solutions that agents will be able to provide. The “How can I help you?” approach to these campaign materials emphasizes the tremendous value that a local agent relationship offers in making insurance decisions.

Each of the agent-focused campaigns offers a combination of pre-approved letters, post cards, flyers, ads and digital materials. Because the materials are CMS-approved, only the agent contact information may be altered. Throughout the catalog are best practices for use of the materials.

Here’s how to access, customize and download the Medicare templates:
•    After signing onto Agent portal, click on the “Marketing & Products” tab at the top.
•    Select “Marketing Resource Center” (MRC) under the “Order Marketing Materials” header.
•    Click on “Individual” and then “Medicare”. Materials are categorized by type, such as $0 Premium or Age In/New to Medicare.
•    Each agent will see the materials relevant the plans they are contracted, certified and appointed to sell in the states in which they are contracted.
•    Use the search functions on the left column to navigate or enter a document number or name into the search box at the top right.
•    If you’ve never used the Marketing Resource Center before, click on the Quick Start Guide on the home page in the “Support” box.

We hope Humana’s many plan options and the Medicare marketing best practices and tools we’re providing help your agents have the best open enrollment period ever!


Humana Pre-AEP Applications – Compliance Alert!

As you know, CMS guidelines state that agent-assisted “AEP” applications received before the official start of AEP MUST be investigated for potential agent solicitation.

This year, as was the procedure last year, it’s important you know that any agent-assisted 2016 AEP applications received by Humana before October 15th will be investigated AND the member’s application will be rejected.

One of the most important things to remember during pre-AEP is that while agents can assist a beneficiary in completing a paper application they cannot encourage completion, solicit, accept, take possession of, or “just hold on to” any applications for the 2016 contract year before AEP, October 15, 2015.

Here are some tips:
•    Agents should instruct the beneficiary to wait to sign, date, and mail the AEP application until October 15th or later to:
o    avoid rejection of the application, AND
o    reduce agent investigations
•    AEP applications received before 10/15 will be rejected and the beneficiary will be notified by mail that Humana was unable to complete their enrollment. The letter encourages the beneficiary to:
o    call in to Humana to enroll over the phone, OR
o    request that an agent come back to their home to assist them
•    In an effort to remind members when to mail in the application, the business reply envelope will have a message printed on it advising them not to mail before 10/15.

•    Agents may wish to ask the beneficiary to initial the statement on the envelope indicating they were instructed NOT to mail the application until 10/15 or it will be rejected.
Another possible way to ensure clients remember not to mail the application is to use a large Post-it note and write a reminder not to mail the application until 10/15. Use the Post-it to cover the backing of the envelope to prevent it from being sealed so the client would have to physically remove it to seal the envelope.

Humana 2016 State County Grid Now Available

Many of our benefit plans have been expanded into new demographic areas. The link below provides a layout of the Humana plans available for 2016. More details about each plan will be available through the Humana website beginning October 1, 2015.  The plan information is intended to assist our contracted partners/agencies and agents in getting a “head start” in understanding the Humana Medicare Plan offerings for 2016. DO NOT distribute this outside of the Humana contracted agent community.

JOB AID: 2016 Humana Medicare MAPD Plans By State & County Grid (AP-258)
Please Note: You must log into Agent Portal before selecting the link

If you need access to Humana, Visit our Contracting Portal to request them. Call us for Help (888) 539-1633

You may also access the job aid by visiting the MarketPoint Library on Humana Agent Portal by following the steps below.
1.    Access
2.    Click Sign in button
3.    Enter account credentials
4.    Select Medicare Workbench link
5.    Select MarketPoint Library
6.    Locate Search by Keyword field
7.    Enter “AP-258” and click the Search button

Member Wellness Corner  

Can You “Catch” Obesity?

There are a variety of influences that affect our choices in life. President and CEO Bruce Brossard discusses who has the most influence on the choices we make about our health in his latest LinkedIn blog post.

A physician may have considerable influence on his patient’s health when it comes to major medical decisions, but what about smaller issues? Bruce shares how an individual’s family, friends and social networks play a major role in our day-to-day behaviors. He also talks about how health care systems are influencing behavior. In today’s connected world, health care systems are using mobile apps and social network platforms to influence and educate their patients’ health decisions.

So how do all of these influences affect “catching” obesity?  Click here to learn how Humana is helping people “catch” good health.