Avoid Commission Issues

Confirm Your FFM Certification on Producer World

Avoid commission payment issues – Confirm your 2017 FFM agent certification on Producer World®

Once your FFM certification is complete, you must verify that information on Producer World to sell Aetna individual products

Each year brokers must be certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to sell on the Federal Facilitated Marketplace (FFM). Once you are certified on the FFM, you now simply need to verify your certification on Producer World. This will allow you to sell and be paid commissions. The certification must be completed each year.

Follow these three steps to be ready to sell:

  1. Register for the FFM
  2. Confirm that you’re on the CMS list
  3. Verify your certification information on Producer World

1. FFM registration is now open

The Federally-Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) registration for open enrollment began August 1, 2016. Agents and brokers are able to log in to their CMS Enterprise Portal user accounts and access the Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS) to begin the registration process.

Remember, registration with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is required if you will be selling health insurance plans on exchange with the Federally-Facilitated Marketplace. Subsidies can drive new business sales opportunities for you and subsidies are only available on exchange.

2. Make sure you’re on the CMS list

If you’re not on their list of certified brokers, then you’re not certified. You must be certified to receive commissions. The CMS file is updated at least every two weeks. If you don’t show up on the report, contact CMS. You can check their list here.

The certification list is now updated daily on the CMS site and PW.

3. Verify your certification with us

Once you are registered with CMS, be sure to verify your FFM registration on Producer World.

  • Log into Producer World
  • In the aqua-colored menu on the left side of the screen, locate and click on the “Manage Profile & User Access” box
  • Select “Personal/Firm Profile” from the list of options that appear on screen
  • At the top of the page, find and click “FFM Certification.” Review the “Individual FFM Certification” section of your profile to confirm your status as “Validated by CMS” for certification year 2017


ffm certification

Complete these steps so you can submit applications for on-exchange plans to us through our online quoting tool as soon as open enrollment begins.


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